Do you want to colorize your feature view? If you are looking at a specific feature and it feature values across all image objects, you can use the Feature View tool for visualization.

To display a feature simply double-click (I.) on the desired feature in the Feature View window.

Image objects are displayed as grayscale according to the feature selected, but you also can use a colorized scale (from blue to green, see attached figure) where you also can change the upper and lower thresholds.

To do so, check the checkbox at the bottom of the Feature View tool (II.) then right-click on the desired feature and click on “Update Range” (III.). This will write the minimum and maximum value of your feature range in the view in the “Min.” “Max.” fields at the bottom of the Feature View (IV.). You also can manually adjust these values (IV.). This is a very nice tool to investigate the value range of a certain feature.



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