In some instances, it is desirable to display text over an image – for example, a map title or year and month of a multitemporal image analysis. Furthermore, you can display any feature values, making it a quick way to display various values on top of image. These texts can be incorporated into a digital image, if it is exported as part of a rule set.

To add text, simply double click on the image in the edges of Map View (not the image itself) where you want to add the text, which causes the appropriate Edit Text Settings window to launch. You have eight options for where text can be displayed, four corners and four edge centers.


Alternatively, you can also right-click in the image view and choose Edit text (e.g. > Top Left...) in the context menu or select View > Edit text.

As you might have noticed already, by default, the lower right corner displays the Map Name, which you can of course, edit to your liking as well.





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