Trimbles eCognition Architect enables non-technical professionals such as vegetation mapping experts, urban planners or foresters to leverage eCognition technology. Users can easily configure, calibrate and execute image analysis workflows created in eCognition Developer.

Within eCognition Developer you can create so called ‘Architect Applications’, which is a reduced User Interface, where the User has the possibility to tweak and execute Rule Sets in a guided way.

If you want to create or use an Architect application you can use eCognition Developer to do so. If you just want to use an Architect Application, you can just start eCognition Architect. In opposite to eCognition Developer, eCognition Architect has no access to the Process Tree and the class hierarchy. Only a predefined Action Library can be loaded, configured and executed.

Here is a video series which will get you started with eCognition Architect Applications!


eCognition Architect 1 of 3: What is an Architect Application?

Start here with this video explaining what an Architect Application is in detail.


eCognition Architect 2 of 3: Loading, editing, configuring and executing a ready ARCHITECT Solution

Learn how to load an Architect Solution into eCognition Developer or eCognition Architect. Additionally we show you how you can execute the Solution and how to edit it in eCognition Developer as well as configuring the Solution in eCognition Architect. Finally, we will highlight the differences between eCognition Developer and eCognition Architect regarding Architect Solutions.

Please find the used Architect Solution and input data for download here.


eCognition Architect 3 of 3: How to create an Architect Solution

Learn how to create an Architect Solution from an existing Rule Set. This includes some Rule Set editing and the creation of an Action library establishing the connections between the widgets and the Rule Set. Variables and Parameter Sets are needed hear, so even if you are not interested in creating an Architect Solution you will certainly learn somethin new!

Final result is a nice little Architect Solution with a simplified user interface. Again, why do I want this? Because it enables also none eCognition experts such as vegetation mapping experts, urban planners, foresters or any others to leverage eCognition technology and create valuable results.

Please find the Data and the Rule Set for download here.


Free Architect Solutions?!

Please have a look at our Project & Rule Set Examples section.


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