From the Ground Up - Supervised Classification (~1h)

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This course will introduce you to create a Land Cover Classification based on the Supervised Classification

What you need in order to apply a supervised classification is samples and a model. The model is trained based on the samples you feed it with. This trained model then can be applied on non-labeled image objects and those will be classified based on the trained model statistics.

In this project we will create samples manually, create samples based on a vector file and also on a raster file within the eCognition Developer Software. Once you have samples within a project you easily can use this information and also apply a supervised classifier on different scenes.

Enjoy diving into eCognitions Machine Learning world!

The data set used in this course will be provided for download after enrollment. This course is free of charge. You will receive an certificate after completion of this course!

The training material was created with the eCognition Developer v10.2.0.

Please, if needed, download the free Trial version here.


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