From the Ground Up - Deep Learning (~5h)

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This course is an introduction to the deep learning (Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)) functionality within eCognition. We are trying to create a Land Cover Classification using different CNN algorithms within the software (and more!) You will learn how to implement a CNN workflow starting from:

  • Introduction and Set-up --> a bit of theory and how to set-up the project
  • Creating Samples --> How to create sample Patches within eCognition
  • Create / Train / Save CNN --> Creating / training and saving a CNN model
  • Apply CNN with OBIA --> Applying the CNN model and improving the results with OBIA (Object-based Image Analysis

The data set used in this course will be provided for download after enrollment. This course is free of charge. You will receive an certificate after completion of this course!

The training material was created with the eCognition Developer v10.

Please, if needed, download the free Trial version here.




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  • Obengmanuclement


    I tried classifying some UAV images following the steps in this tutorial and had a strange error. The error message was "Fatal error in Tensorflow". Please can you help me solve this issue?

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