Accuracy Assessment is a crucial step in each classification workflow. It does not matter which method you used to extract / classify features. If you do not know how accurate your results are, your results are meaningless. Therefore comparing your results with ground truth (validation) data is highly recommended!

To assess your accuracy, you simply can do an accuracy assessment creating a confusion matrix (error matrix) directly in eCognition Developer. The AA workflow in eCognition is super easy to set up and can be implemented directly in the Rule Set (you will be puzzled). Additionally, you are also able to evaluate the accuracy across a whole workspace (multiple projects) automatically. You will get an confusion matrix for each single project, but also an aggregated across all projects in your workspace! This means you set the Rule Set up once and you can run it across hundreds of hundreds of projects. The resulting confusion matrix can be exported as CSV file or simply displayed in eCognition using the Accuracy Assessment tool in the Software.

The data set used in this course will be provided for download after enrollment. This course is free of charge. You will receive an certificate after completion of this course!

The training material was created with the eCognition Developer v10.2.0.

Please, if needed, download the free Trial version here.


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