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We will have a look at a workflow which starts with 4 different Landsat 8 raw data and ends with a Change Detection based on NDVI layers. What we will learn is how to batch create NDVI layers from our downloaded Landsat 8 data folders easily. Then we will use these 4 NDVI layers to compute change between each time step. We then will create objects (hexagon shape) and classify them based on the intensity and direction of change. Finally we will export the results as a polygon shapefile and an Attribute table that holds all the change information for each polygon that we have exported!

We will have a look at customized import, Server batch processing, layer arrays, variables, loops, hexagon segmentation and more! This workflow can be altered and adjusted to your needs with ease! Overall we will follow this workflow in this exercise:

  1. Create customized import that only loads Red and NIR
  2. Create rule set that computes and exports NDVI
  3. Create single projects with all NDVI layers
  4. Create change layer between all time steps
  5. Create hexagon objects and classify change

The training material was created with the eCognition Developer v10.1.0.

Please, if needed, download the free Trial version here.


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