From the Ground Up - Batch Processing (~2h)


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How does batch processing work in the Trimble eCognition Developer software?! Good question! And the answer to this can be found here in this free course.

We will show you how batch / parallel processing works, what additional monitoring tools eCognition provides, additional tools that will help your workspace management and how you can fuse (stitch) your results from different projects together into one! We will have two examples looking at different workflows, introducing (besides batch & parallel processing) tiling, project stitching, raster stitching and more!

What you need for batch processing is an eCognition Developer & eCognition Server license. If you do not have a Server license or both, still have a look at this video, as we are showing way more than just batch processing.

The data set used in this course will be provided for download after enrollment. This course is free of charge. You will receive an certificate after completion of this course!

The training material was created with the eCognition Developer v10.1.

Please, if needed, download the free Trial version here.



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