The eCognition license server runs multiple services which are required to serve licenses. Local computer restrictions like a firewall, antivirus software, Windows user permissions or security settings can lead to issues and prevent the license server from running properly.


Please check all steps below to ensure the license installation and activation was successful:

1. Check if trimble.exe was installed correctly. You should find this program in the following paths:

  • C:\ProgramData\Trimble\eCognition License Server <version number>\bin\trimble.exe
  • C:\ProgramData\Trimble\eCognition License Server <version number>\lmadmin\trimble.exe

If the trimble.exe is not there, please check the solutions at the end of the guide.


2. Check in your Windows services menu (services.msc) if the eCognition License Service is installed and running



If the service is not there, please check the solutions at the end of the guide.


3. Open the license manager eCogLM.exe and click the details button. Check if the license is flagged as ENABLED and the expiration date is valid.



If the flag is DISABLED or BROKEN, the license is unusable. In this case contact our support.


4. Open the license manager web dashboard in your web-browser http://localhost:8090 and verify if the vendor daemon is running and you can see your license.


If there is no license listed, please check the solutions at the end of the guide.



Sometimes parts of the installation are be blocked by security software, firewall or Windows UAC as it includes service installations. Adjust these settings so the program gets installed properly:


  1. The license server and vendor daemon port configuration
  2. The firewall configuration for ports and programs
  3. For the license server installation, lower the Windows UAC, so services can get installed
  4. Restart the eCognition License Service in your Windows services menu
  5. Re-install the eCognition license server. Run the setup.exe as administrator

For further information, please contact your support team.



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