In order to repair the broken or disabled flagged licenses, please generate a XML-file, which includes all broken or disabled fulfillment-ID's of your trusted storage. Make sure to not include expired licenses.

Please follow the steps to repair your license:

1. Gather all broken/disabled fulfillment ID's. Therefor open eCogLM.exe and click on the details button. The detailed information will show you all your broken flagged fulfillment ID's.
2. Open the Windows terminal (CMD)
3. The following command will generate a single repair request XML-file including all fulfillment's in one go: 'servercomptranutil -n repairrequest.xml -e FID60b228d1_156849768e97fc0 -e -e'. You can find "servercomptranutil" in 'C:\Program Files\Trimble\eCognition License Server 9.2\bin'. **Please use the corresponding broken FID's showing up in the details overview of your license manager. The FID above is just an example.**
4. Provide us with the XML-file, so I can process your repair request and send you the repair XML-file which you can load into your license manager afterwards. (via "Process response offline activation" functionality).


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