Learn how to activate your eCognition licenses offline!

In case you have no internet connection available to activate the license online, you can use an offline activation:

  1. Run the license server setup.exe to start the installation.
  2. When it asks for the Entitlement, use the drop-down button to show more options
  3. Select Generate Offline Request.
  4. Enter the Activation IDs of your Entitlements in the Offline License Activation dialog and click OK. You will find the Activation IDs in your Entitlement-email.
  5. Save the act_request.xml and send it to eCognition Support. They will process your activation and provide you with the responseXML.xml file afterwards.
  6. Again, open the drop-down menu and select Process Offline Response.
  7. Now select the responseXML.xml and click open.
  8. Close the eCognition License Manager to complete the installation.


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