You know the basics of eCognition? You know how to create a project, create objects, analyze your data and export your results?! However, you want to explore more and broaden your horizons?!? Here is a list of free learning material that we recommend to you to explore more possibilities and functionalities with eCognition. Learning never stops!

  1. From the Ground Up --> Our From the Ground Up videos are designed to build up your eCognition knowledge - get on board and let us accelerate your eCognition experience for free!!!
  2. eCognition Deconstructed --> eCognition Deconstructed is a monthly video series that features a specific algorithm. In 10 to 15 minutes, we breakdown the functionality and provide theoretical explanations and real-world examples of how it can be applied within a rule set.

  3. eCognition Webinars --> eCognition Webinars acts as a living archive for all our informative webinars. If you could not attend the live session, or simply want to review the recording in detail, this is the place for you! We have 3 different categories of webinars:
        • Starting Point [Discover new products or versions]
        • Elevate your Skills [hear how others use eCognition]
        • Power Hour [Advanced workflows & demos]
  4. Project & Rule Set Examples --> Here you will find projects and rule sets to learn how to perform common analysis tasks in eCognition or to get an overview about features of selected algorithms/functions. 
  5. Knowledge Base & Community --> The eCognition Community is part of the the eCognition Knowledge Base at and provides an integrated environment for knowledge transfer, support, and feedback.
  6. Online Documentation --> This is a great source of detailed information! If you are for example interested in how exactly certain features are calculated, what the parameters of a certain algorithm mean, examples and much more, have a look here!

Registration to the eCognition Community is open to all geospatial professionals and academics.

The eCognition Community as part of the eCognition Knowledge Base offers:

  • Discussions: so that users can to share information, ask questions, and discuss rule set development topics
  • Software Wish-List: allows users to make suggestions for software improvements

The eCognition Knowledge Base offers in addition to the eCognition Community:

  • Brainwave: with tips and tricks using eCognition
  • Library: with software tutorials, customer stories and demonstration projects
  • FAQ: with typical questions and corresponding answers for quick help
  • Contact Support: to submit a support request (if you are under maintenance)

Do not hesitate to use the Search Bar to find material and answers to your questions in the eCognition Knowledge Base and eCognition Community.

Please note, the eCognition Knowledge Base is a supplement to the eCognition WebsiteeCognition tv, and the eCognition Blog.





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