We recommend starting with watching the webinar first:

1. eCognition Developer for Beginners

followed by some hands on sessions:

2. From the Ground Up - Getting Started

If you stumble across some interesting algorithms that you want to learn more about, have a look at our

eCognition Deconstructed videos which explain single algorithms in detail.

Now you are probably hooked and you want to explore more! Our recommendation is to then dive into the freely available world of eCognition learning with our

3. "From the Ground Up" series (look for the "Beginner" or "Intermediate" difficulties).

In these videos we are exploring workflows for different Use Cases, such as:

  • Supervised Classification
  • Multi-temporal NDVI Change Detection
  • Batch processing
  • and many many more.

Simply watch those that are most interesting for you. Moreover, the previously mentioned "eCognition Deconstructed" series as well as the recorded "eCognition Webinars" can be found on our YouTube channel eCognition tv.




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