You have created an Image Object Level using a segmentation algorithm and you forgot to change the default naming of the Level (default is "New Level") even though you wanted to call it "L1". No problem! You can rename your Image Object Levels easily. There are actually two ways to do it, out of the rule set or within the eCognition Developer interface.

The easiest way to accomplish this, is to simply double-click on the name of the level in your View Settings window under Object Levels. This will change the name of your level into a editable text box, which you can then use to change the name of the level.

To do it in the rule set, you will have to look for the algorithm "rename image object level". This will enable you to rename your Level.

Another approach would be using the interface and going to: IMAGE OBJECTS --> Edit Level names... The "Edit Level Aliases" window will pop-up and you can alter the naming of your Levels here.



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