You know you have created this customized feature that you have named "NDVI", but you can’t find it anymore in the Feature View? No problem, simply use the Find Next functionality that you will find in the Process menu. This will open the Find and Replace window:

  1. The Find what drop-down list lets you select the category of Rule Set items you want to find. We could simply leave the find field as it is defined by default to search for text (which will look into all sub types listed in the drop-down of the Find field). We also could narrow this down to feature as we know we are looking for that NDVI feature. But we will leave this as text.
  2. Now you only have to type in what you are looking for (in our case this would be "NDVI") in the Name field
  3. and click on the Find button
  4. It will display all occurrences carrying the name “NDVI” in the Results window.

In this example it displays our Feature and also a Process where this feature is used! Find and Replace is a useful method to browse and edit Rule Set items, allowing you to also replace them by Rule Set items of the same category. This is helpful especially for maintaining large Rule Sets and for development in teams.



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