This webinar reviewes the use of eCognition within a satellite-based information service for humanitarian action support - EO4Hum. Dr. Lang and Dr. Tiede from Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg are introducing the use of eCognition OBIA tools in the project context as well as the service-oriented and technical challenges.

Their presentation includes a demonstration of the automated information extraction method they developed for monitoring refugee camps and humanitarian assistance.

Topics covered include:

  • Transferable rule sets using Cognition Network Language (CNL) to work in various camp settings or at multiple timeslots in the same camp (monitoring tasks)
  • Technical challenges: manual mapping vs. automation, working with different levels of complexity and efficiency
  • The development of an eCognition Architect App to enable a hybrid approach - automated dwelling detection combined with manual image interpretation to use the ‘best of two worlds’ and thus working with highest efficiency and thus working with highest efficiency

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