If you ever encounter an image object that just does not represent the object you are trying to extract, despite adjustments to segmentation algorithms and reshaping approaches, eCognition does offer a “Plan B”, so to say.

There are several options available to manually alter an image object - one of them is the tool Cut Object Manually. In the example below, the object containing primarily ground also includes part of the building. So, I am going to split the object along the building edge manually. To do this:

  1. Open the Manual Editing Toolbar
  2. Select the Cut Object Manually tool from the toolbar
  3. Select the image object you would like to split
  4. Draw a line where you want to split the object and double-click to complete - a tip here is to draw the line so it overlaps the edges of the object you are splitting. The splitting line will automatically snap to the pixel edges - it is not possible to split a pixel.



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