If you are working with the manual reclassification tools within the Manual Editing Toolbar, you probably noticed that it is possible to select multiple image objects at one time for manual reclassification. However, the selection tools select all image objects within the selection area. What if you only want to reclassify objects of a specific class within your selection area? Clicking one at a time is tedious and bound to lead to errors.

There is a more effective way to use these bulk selection tools – simply apply a filter to define the classes you would like to select with the Filter Classes for Multiple Image Object Selection tool! This tool is also available within the Manual Editing Toolbar:

  1. Open the Manual Editing Toolbar
  2. Click the Filter Classes for Multiple Image Object Selection button
  3. Select the class(es) you want to apply the filter to
  4. Select the image objects for reclassification with one of the tools: Polygon, Line or Rectangle selection
  5. Finally, click the Classify Image Objects button.

All the image objects you selected will now be reclassified to your defined class in a single click – save yourself time and nerves!




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