Do you want to export your Rule Set as text file? If Yes, you should keep on reading ;)! The following steps will do just this for you within eCognition!

Go to the Process menu and select Rule Set Documentation. The Rule Set Documentation window will pop-up. If you now click onto the Generate button in the bottom left corner you will have your Rule Set generated in text format. Now a list of Rule Set items, including classes, customized features, and processes will appear in the window. The window also displays comments attached to classes, class expressions, customized features and processes. Comments are preceded by a double backslash. It is possible to edit the text in the Rule Set Documentation window; however, changes made in the window will not be added to the Rule Set and are deleted when the Generate button is pressed. Finally, you can choose Save to File... or Copy to Clipboard... to make the text available outside of eCognition.RuleSet_to_Text.jpg

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    Really helpful. Thanks

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