By default, the temp data files are stored in this directory: "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\" If you want to change this, because the C drive might be too small, you can do it! You will have to open eCognition, go to HELP --> System Info and the System Info window will pop-up. Scrawl down to the File Mapping section and you will see the temp path that is defined. Click the "Temp path" button in the bottom left corner and there you will be able to change this path. Note that this button will only be clickable if there are no active projects open in eCognition, and further, you must restart eCognition for the change to take effect.

Be aware, that this is an advanced option! Nevertheless, changing the temp path might be very helpful if you have very large projects creating humongous temporary files. Hope this helps some of you!



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