We have an algorithm implemented in eCognition which enables you to directly calculate highly interesting and helpful index layers and is called "Index Layer Calculation".


These additional layers can help you to create meaningful image objects and help classifying your image objects based on this additional information. You can choose between:

  • NDVI - Normalized difference vegetation index - (NIR-Red)/(NIR+Red)
  • NDWI - Normalized Difference Water Index - (Green-NIR)/(Green+NIR)
  • NDSI - Normalized Difference Soil Index - (Red-Blue) / (Red+Blue)
  • NBR - Normalized Burn Ratio - (NIR-SWIR)/(NIR+SWIR)
  • SAVI - Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index - ((NIR-Red)/(NIR+Red+L))*(1+L)
  • EVI - Enhanced Vegetation Index - 2.5*(Nir-Red)/(NIR+C1*Red-C2*Blue+L)
  • GRVI - Green-Red Vegetation Index - (Green - Red)/(Green + Red)

Simply assign the according layers to be used for the calculation (dependent on selected index) and start creating additional layers for your project! Enjoy!




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