eCognition supports converting rule set items. An example would be the conversion of a scene variable (double) into its textual representation as a string, and vice versa. This allows rule set developer to use rule set items independent of their type (i.e. using a Scene ID as Level name) and offers a flexible information handling in rule sets.

A rule set item is any entity in eCognition (i.e. object value, scene value, map value, map name, feature value, class name, level name, image layer name, thematic layer name, array value, and more). To convert rule set items in eCognition users have to apply two steps:

  1. update a scene variable with the information from a defined input rule set item
  2. update the desired output rule set item with the information from scene variable (double or string)

With the attached project from Christian Weise, you can learn how to update variables with all kind of rule set item types and how to use these variables to generate the desired rule set item types.

Download 'Example Project - Convert Rule Set Item Types'


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