Topographic surveying at open-pit mines is a typical application for UAV data. Base for such mapping are elevation data coming from LiDAR sensors or via Photogrammetry. With eCognition user can combine all available data types (i.e. point clouds, images, GIS vector layers) in the analysis process, it is not just a feature extraction tool for image raster layers.

This project from Christian Weise demonstrates eCognition for 'DTM modelling of Open-pit Mines'. Users will learn how to use point cloud layer in the object-based image analysis (OBIA) process to generate a digital terrain model (DTM). 

Important algorithms used in this project:

  • copy map
  • automatic point cloud classification
  • rasterize point cloud
  • fill pixel values
  • NDSM layer calculation

Download 'Example Project - DTM Modelling of Open-pit Mines'


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