The Feature View color codes the features of all objects, while often time you may only be interested in the objects of a specific class. So how do we implement this into eCognition?

That's fairly simple and afterwards you will ask yourself why you haven't been able to come up with this yourself (just as the author writing this Brainwave :)).

  1. First, we create a Customized Arithmetic feature in which we multiply the feature of interest with the feature classified as ... of the class of interest.
  2. Then we look at this Customized Arithmetic feature in the Feature View.

The feature value will be equal to zero for all cases where the object is not of the correct class. You can also create a Customized Arithmetic feature that will accept several classes (by adding different classified as ... features before multiplying). Sometimes a different default value (rather than zero) may be desired, which could be added after the multiplication.



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