Creating features for multiple classes can be tedious if you are repeating the step over and over. But, it is possible to simply generate a feature for all classes with a single click.

Let's say you want to compute the number of objects classified into a certain class 3 levels below. You actually need to create that feature in the Feature View Object features > Relations to Objects > Sub-objects > Number of > Create new 'Number of' for all classes manually. Really? Not 100%! You need to create this feature for one class and then you can right-click on the created feature and select "Create for all classes". This then creates this feature for all classes using actually the specific parameters that you have set for the selected feature.

This means if you want to have that feature for all classes but 3 levels below, you do not need to create it manually for all classes again, you simply create one with the distance set to 3. Then you right-click on this and choose "Create for all Classes". This will then create this feature for all classes using the parameter "distance = 3". This is actually pretty cool and has not been available in this extend in the past. Enjoy!



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