eCognition offers a number of different export algorithms so you can get all that great information that you have extracted out into the world. Two algorithms that have similar names, but are in fact quite different are export object statistics and export project statistics.

In both cases, we want to export statistical information from eCognition and this can be done as a text-file (*.txt) or CSV-file (*.csv or *.tcsv). The important difference is in the content. With objects statistics, you can export feature information for individual image objects of your choosing (defined in the domain) - this is like an attribute table. Project statistics on the other hand, are restricted to the scene features - these are features that apply to your entire eCognition project. Examples: the total number of objects classified as water, the number of samples per class, area or % of classified object…

An easy way to remember the difference is, export object statistics is for object features whereas export project statistics is for scene features!



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