I'm running a ruleset on a small 2k x 2k set of image tiles. When I run in developer manually it never takes more than 10 minutes. When I run them on server the times range drom about 10 minutes to up to 6 hours. I've gone back and run many of the hour+ tiles manually and they run in about 10 minutes. Has anyone experienced this?  


  • Matthias Staengel

    This should not be the case ;). Please contact eCognition Support, they can have a look at your setup and help you out.



  • Christian Weise

    The difference in processing time you describe is way too high, I hope you found a solution with support. But, it is also normal that there are differences in processing time between Developer and Server, because in the Developer you have already loaded the data/objects and the algorithms can work immediately, in the Server the data/obejcts must still be loaded before the algorithms can work with it. 

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