I wanted to see if there could be an efficient method to delete the following:

  • Unused variables and arrays
  • Unused layer aliases (both image and thematic)
  • Unused classes from the class hierarchy window
  • Unused features from the feature view window

Unused here meaning not in the current rule set.

The context for this is that I transfer rule sets from one project to use in others. I do this in order to use the same general rule set structure, and sometimes I use many of the same routines on different areas of interest.

However, in many instances, vector and raster layers, features, classes, and variables and arrays differ between projects. Over time, loading in a rule set appears to retain/accumulate these elements from all previous projects, which tends to complicate the layer aliases, class hierarchy, feature view, and variables and arrays.

Loading in the rule set loads all of the unused/unnecessary (for this particular rule set) elements listed above. In order to delete a layer alias or class, it looks like any features that use the layer or class must first be deleted. When working with hundreds of features and/or classes in total, this becomes impractical to do with each new rule set.

Could there be any way to implement a capability that can delete the variables, arrays, layer aliases, classes in the class hierarchy window, and features in the feature view window that are not used within the currently loaded rule set? Something like a delete button or restore to default button listed within the "Process" or "Tools" dropdown menus? Maybe the implementation would have to differ for each element (e.g., delete unused classes would be separate from delete unused variables). This would do a lot to make it easier to work with rule sets used in the above context.

I would be happy to provide additional information on this request if needed.

Thank you.


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