I have a small island surrounded by ocean. Land cover looks good until I apply the "find enclosed by class" process where I reassign "Grassland" to "Water" if the "Grassland" object is surrounded by "Water" and the object is smaller than 100 pixels. I find this ruleset useful to clean up the floodplain area in inland. Unfortunately, this process reassigned all the small "Grassland" objects to "Water" regardless of their immediate enclosing or neighboring classes. Typically, "Grassland" objects in the island are surrounded by "Forest" and "Bare" and there are no "Water" objects nearby. One thing I can think of this behavior is if the "find enclosed by class" process is recognizing the ocean object surrounding the island, which is completely enclosing the island itself, and applying my ruleset based on the far away "Water" (ocean) object. Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated.

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