Is there a way to zoom in (or increase text size) when using the "Edit Python Script" window? See the screenshot for what the text/code looks like on my machine. Difficult to see at the default text/code size.



  • Trimble Support

    Hi Cale,

    The text size in other windows is OK. It looks like scaling is not applied to the Edit Python Script window.

    It will be fixed. Thank you for reporting this issue!


  • Cale Kochenour


  • Michael Wang

    Hi Cale,

    This issue has been fixed and will be released along side the maintenance release (10.3.1).

    Now you may go to display settings, change the font size, and once you restart eCognition Developer, the font size will be changed to your selection.

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback!


  • Cale Kochenour

    Thanks, Mike. Looking forward to the update.


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