I'm relatively new to eCognition and we recently came across the issue in the the image below. This happens when we merge and export a shapefile from Ecognition, but is not happening to all of the shapefiles. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Many thanks,



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  • Michael Wang

    Hi Brian,

    We had a similar problem before, and it had to do with reading and writing temporary layers using servers, but I'm not sure if this is also the case here.

    Do the vectors appear as normal in eCognition or does it also show up corrupted there?

    Arc has a couple of geometry checking and repairing tools which might help. Failing that, it would also be interesting to try exporting as a geopackage or geojson. Sometimes the limitations of the SHP file causes issues.

    If possible, please provide us with a clearer idea of your work flow, and then it might be easier to diagnose.

    We do have a fix for some vector issues in the next maintenance release as well.

    best regards,


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