I am trying to export object shapes from a multi-resolution segmentation to a shapefile to look at in Arc. I have a large image and in total I have ~900,000 objects in the layer.  Smaller subsets of the image objects have successfully exported (up to 10,000), but every time I try the whole layer, it will run but then produces a shapefile that won't open ( says number of shapes does not match number of table records).  Any idea why this might be failing? It's probably obvious but I am new to ecognition and any help is very much appreciated.



  • Matthias Staengel

    Hi Hannah,

    I don't have a direct answer, I will just guess. I quickly googled "shapefile limitations" (because I remember also running into this issue) and this is what I got: "There is a 2 GB size limit for any shapefile component file, which translates to a maximum of roughly 70 million point features."

    You might be reaching this limit with your export settings. I think if you are using another vector format (which does not have these limitations such as GeoJSON or Geopackage) it should work fine.

    Please give it a try and let me know if this solves the issue. 



  • Anna Riling

    I am having a similar issue. I have several classified scenes. I can export to vector with selected features (object attributes) to geodatabase for the smaller scenes, but when I try a larger scene (i.e. >1 million objects) it says "writing feature data.." with an astronomical number of minutes forever. I let one run for over 24 hours and it still didn't finish. The smaller scene took just a few minutes. I have not tried exported to Geopackage or GeoJSON yet. Any ideas?

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