I have successfully trained my classification model and applied the model (model06) to get results. I want to now export my Importance Table from the Random Trees classifier. I saw another post on here where to find that feature. I've copy and pasted the train process and made it now a query process. When I go to execute the algorithm "supervised classification: query," I get the error:

Incompatible domain: Please switch to 'execute' when using the query mode

Process: "at Main Level: supervised classification: query random trees"

I am confused. I am selecting Execute button for the supervised classification algorithm while in query mode. Not sure what I should be doing instead.



  • Matthias Staengel

    Hi Shannon,

    I think in this case you should change the domain settings from "image object level" to "execute". This should do the trick.



  • Shannon Syrstad

    That was it! Thank you Matthias.

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