There are already great deep learning models to classify TLS et ALS point clouds.

It would be nice to have a specific model to classify photogrammetric point cloud.


  • Keith Peterson

    Just out of curiosity, have you tried to apply any of the LiDAR-based models to the photogrammetric point cloud? If so, how did you find the classification results, particularly the aerial option?

  • PoliTO_geomatics lab

    Hi, the next week I will start using the deep learning algorithm for the classification of a point cloud in an urban area. Does anyone of you have tutorials, papers, manuals, procedures to follow, etc. to get started? Because I have not found any material neither from Trimble nor from third parties on this deep learning algorithm of eCognition 10.2.

    Thank you

  • M Varin

    Sorry for the late response. Yes, I have tested the algorithm (automatic classification) on photogrammetric points cloud data. Generally, the ground looks pretty good. On the other hand, in terms of vegetation, we lose about 50% which ends up in unclassified. Also, strangely we can't put several classes of vegetation (low, medium and high) at the same time?

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