I have a shapefile of tree crowns created (following the tree crown tutorial from eCognition). I have exported it as a SHP, brought it into ArcGIS and did some QAQC. Then I brought it back into my eCognition project.

Now I want to do Supervised Classification. I'm in the sample collection mode, where I tell specific tree polygons which species they are using the selection sample cursor. My tree polygons are currently a thematic later, but I think it needs to be an "image object layer" in order for my samples to assigned to the classes. Is this possible? Is there an algorithm to make SHP to image object layer? Should I have not exported it, edited it, and brought it back in to eCognition?


  • Keith Peterson

    You can create image objects based on your shapefile, take a look at the vector-based segmentation algorithm. From here, you can then start the supervised classification workflow: collect samples, train and apply.

  • Shannon Syrstad

    Thanks Keith, I will give vector-based segmentation a try!

    I still have my 1 hour expert consultation to redeem, but I'm trying to get myself as far as I can solo before I set up that call.

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