We are working with underwater images from the seabed. It is RGB images and we need to classify debris on the seabed. The problem is that everything is covered by mud. the only way to distinguish and empty bucket from the rocks, sand and fauna around, is the shape of the edge of the bucket: round circle. By using tpi and brightness, we can easily see the shape. Canny function will also show the shape. Is there a way to classify based on shape? Is there a DL/CNN model that can be used for this? Any suggestions are welcome.


  • Christian Weise

    Hello Nils,

    I do not have a DL/CNN model for that but I believe this is a good idea.
    In the meantime, please try to use shape features in eCognition, my personal favorite for "Roundness" is this customized object feature:

    [Radius of largest enclosed ellipse ]*10/[Shape index]


  • Keith Peterson

    Just in case you are wondering where to find Shape features, a picture is worth a 1000 words ;)

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