Hi, I don't know if this occurs for others, but I have an intermittent issue when I shuffle labeled sample patches for CNN training. Occasionally when doing the shuffle the temporary shuffle folder, the one with the underscore eg "0_" is retained and the original "0" is removed and not replaced. It has happened several times now and seems to happen more often with large numbers of samples and can occur on any class not necessarily the "0" as in above example. The result is that the samples for that class are not included in the training process but there is no indication of this until looking at the results.

Software version: 10.1.0: Build 4429 x64


  • Trimble Support

    Hi Greg, the algorithm creates this "0_" temp folder and should replace/rename it with "0", but it sounds like this step is not taking place on your machine. We are looking into it and will try to reproduce the behavior.

  • Trimble Support

    Hi Greg, it appears to be a file I/O issue that we are unable to save/overwrite the existing samples with the shuffled ones. Do you have the original sample folder open in File Explorer while executing the algorithm by any chance?

  • Gregory West

    I didn't the first few times it occurred, but did after I noticed it had happened so that I could observe what was happening.

  • Gregory West

    Also my current model has four classes, when it occurs it only seems to happen to one class, but it's not always the same class.

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