I wanted to try SVM for LULC studies, I took sentinel 2 image, performed multiresolution segmentation.  Then I exported the result to ArcGIS as shape file. From this shape file I identified few water bodies using topographic maps, and extracted this information alone,  stored as a shapefile and named it as waterbody. Then I imported this to ecognition as a thematic layer. After assigning class, I wanted to convert training sample objects to samples . For this I had to store feature information as sample statistics.  In order to execute this step, I tried to apply "update classifier sample statistics" which I could not find in edit process. I don't know where I go wrong. Can anyone please help?

Thanks in advance, 

Regards, Lakshmi 


  • Matthias Staengel

    Hi Lakshmi,

    Okay, I think what you are looking for is this:

    To create sample statistics from classified image objects you need to change the domain to "Image Object Level" in the "update supervised sample statistics" algorithm. Then you can define the classes and the features to be used to create the sample statistics.

    Is this what you are looking for?

    Best regards,

  • Lakshmi Srikanth

    Thanks for your response Matthias. I am unable to find "update supervised sample statistics algorithm" itself. Domain is in Image object level only.

  • Matthias Staengel

    The naming of the algorithm has changed in v10. Previously it was called "update sample statistics" (I think... ;)). If you change the domain from "execute" to "image object level", you should get the the possibility to select features on the right hand side in the Parameter section of the Edit process window!

  • Lakshmi Srikanth

    I could see only the following algorithms starting with "update..........
    1. update variable
    2. Update array
    3.update image object list
    4. update feature list
    5.update parameter set
    6.update action from parameter set
    7.update parameter set from action.

    Neither i could find "update classifier sample statistics" nor "update supervised sample statistics".
    Domain is in image object level.

  • Christian Weise

    Could it be that you are using the eCognition Developer Trial version?

  • Lakshmi Srikanth

    oh I see. That clears my doubt. Thank you

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