eCognition Suite Version 10.1 Available Now

Trimble Geospatial is pleased to announce the availability of the latest version of the Trimble® eCognition® Suite.

eCognition Suite 10.1 includes a variety of great new tools and features that will streamline existing workflows and open the doors for new types of data analysis. For example, it is now possible for users to import pre-trained 3rd party TensorFlow models for execution directly in Developer - this will save time on sample generation, model configuration and training. Furthermore, we can enable eCognition domain experts to better access Deep Learning technology! 

In addition, we have built out our surface calculation capabilities by adding new tools to calculate hillshade layers and apply a ridge filter to better understand surface characteristics. The contextual relationship between image objects has been extended and simplified with the introduction of a majority vote feature and a majority filter algorithm has been added to expand layer operations.

We continue to improve our cloud readiness and have packaged our License Server as a docker container to simplify our customer’s migration to cloud environments through one-line deployment.

To learn more about the latest version, signup for our upcoming webinar on June 14th. To download the latest version of the software, please visit our website and simply click Download Latest Version!


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