I have reviewed the Youtube training and other posts pertaining to Image Object Fusion, and can't seem to reach my goal.

I have a class of small objects representing the fringes of tree crowns, called "Immature to Merge". 

I would like to fuse them into the neighboring tree class (up to 9 different classes) with which they share the largest relative border, which in some cases maybe be as low as 0.1, though in most cases there will be a dominant neighbor with 0.5 or greater relative border.

I am having trouble deciding if my "Immature to Merge" is the seed or the candidate.

So is there a way to compare a given object's relative borders with all bordering classes without writing a condition for each and every class combination?




  • Keith Peterson

    Hi Brenden - I think you can get by with a much more straightforward algorithm here. Checkout Remove Objects.
    It includes 2 methods for removing objects that you define in the domain, i.e. by size. I will merge these objects into their surrounding objects. The default setting is based on "shape" and this will merge the defined objects into a surrounding object based on the largest relative boarder. Alternatively, if you open the advanced parameters, you can also base the merge on "color" and this will use the most common spectral relationship to decide what object it will merge to.
    Hope this helps!

  • Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

    Have you tried the Remove Objects algorithm? It is much easier to implement than Image Object Fusion and I believe will accomplish your task.

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