Hello everyone,

I was watching and following one of the videos of Ecognition deconstructed: Image object Fusion (https://support.ecognition.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020538900-Image-Object-Fusion) in which _active class was taken. i am not able to figure out how it came. Can someone please help?



  • Christian Weise

    Matthias used the class '_active' to classify the highest object in all available 'urban' objects. In a loop, he fused this '_active' object with the neighbor objects using the 'image object fusion' algorithm.

    The '_active' class will be used by the 'find domain extrema' algorithm.

  • Matthias Staengel

    Hi Nikhil,

    Yes! Christian is correct.

    I use this temporary class in the "find domain extrema" alg.. In the provided rule set it looks into the class "urban" and assigns the class "_active" to the object with the highest value in the "DSM". Afterwards this "_active" object is used in the image object fusion alg. as a "seed-object" to grow from. This allows me to work my way through all "urban" objects from top (highest) to bottom (lowest in DSM). Afterwards I simply reclassify the "_active" class into "building" and then after the loop is finished it starts again, with assigning the class "_active" to the highest "urban" object, followed by the image object fusion and so on.


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