I have a curious problem for a few days that I cannot understand. Using the latest version of eCognition, after manually selecting the samples and setting the cassification with "Nearest Neighbor" I launch the "Classification" algorithm. But I can't see the classification result anymore. The classification has done it (in fact I export it to shp file), but I cannot see it on eCognition. Furthermore, if I do another algorithm (eg SVM) the final classification appears.

Where am I doing wrong?


  • Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

    Did you adjust the visibility in the View Settings dialog? It has changed since v9.

  • Mattia Barsanti

    Thank you very much for your reply prof. O'Neil-Dunne, but I don't know what to change in the "View setting dialog".
    The "Available Classes" check box in the View Settings Dialog is marked and similarly for the other classes. I keep seeing only the samples I have selected and not the classification created with the "Classification" algorithm.
    I wish I could send you the screenshot but it is not possible in the discussion.

  • Mattia Barsanti

    Dear Prof. I discovered the problem: I was always in "Select samples" mode. Clicking again on "Select samples" the classification appeared. I mistakenly believed that once the "Classification" algorithm was launched, the "Select Samples" phase ended by itself.
    Thanks again

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