The MSI capabilities of eCognition software require no introduction.

What of its ability to extract features utilizing SAR imagery?

Thank you.




  • Matthias Staengel

    you will probably find more online, but I have worked in a project where we used Sentinel-1 data to map burned areas. This was done with eCognition and worked smoothly. The key was to create objects that delineate the features that we were aiming for nicely, which was a bit of a challenge as the data was fairly noisy. As far as I remember we used the "multi-resolution segmentation" and increased compactness to get more compact image objects. You also can run a filter on the input image and then apply a segmentation (if noise is an issue). Here is a link to that paper I mentioned -->'s_2015_fire_affected_area_and_estimated_carbon_emissions_using_Sentinel-1

  • Keith Peterson

    Although there are no SAR-specific tools, i.e. an algorithm that will only work on a SAR input dataset, there are many tools that can be applied to SAR images as they are another raster input. I worked with TerraSAR-X data in my MSc. and was able to use eCognition for the bulk of the analysis. Only some of the inputs were run through other SW upfront for pre-processing. But knowing what I know now, I could have even done these layer calculations in eCognition via Layer Arithmetics.

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