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I'll be purchasing remote sensing software soon and intend to do both spectral and object-based classification of primarily natural vegetation communities and species.  I understand programs like ERDAS and Geomatica focus on spectra but are also capable of segmentation (though presumably not to the capacity of eCognition).  I'm wondering what the capabilities are of eCognition with spectral analysis?  Would anyone argue its capabilities are are close to what you can accomplish with spectral-focused software?  Can it work with hyperspectral imagery?   Certainly depends on what I'm doing yes, but just generally speaking, I'm curious of users thoughts.   Thanks so much. 

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  • Keith Peterson

    I think you will find eCognition equally capable of handling mult-spectral data since this has been what it was designed to do historically. The tools are just different then some of the others you mentioned because eCognition focuses on OBIA methodologies. You have tools like 2D feature plots, feature view visualizations etc since the spectral values are just another feature within the software.
    eCognition also supports hyperspectral imagery and now includes tools like PCA to make the analysis easier. I recommend reviewing the eCognition Blog (https://ecognition.blog/) for detailed reviews of different application fields.

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