Dear all,

something strange happens to me recently that I can't understand.

I calculate a very simple index (Blue / Green). The index is calculated at the object level after first doing a multi-resolution seg. I can see the index value from the "Image Object Information" window but the Blue / Green layer remains inexplicably black (see the window at the bottom of the figure), while days ago I saw the Blue / Green mono band result.

I use eCognition 10.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



  • Christian Weise

    Hello Mattia,

    It could be just an equalization “issue”. The equalization settings define the histogram stretch that will be applied to the raster layers to enhance their appearance. If the divisor of your formula 0, eCognition will insert a very high pixel value, so that the equalization is using white for this value and all other pixel values in the very dark part of the histogram stretch. Please check the "max (largest actual pixel value)" of your ratio layer: Is the value ~1000000000? If so, you have 2 options, replace this value with 1 or change layer equalization in ViewSettings window.


  • Mattia Barsanti

    Thank you very much!
    Now it's ok.

    Cheers, Mattia

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