Hi eCognition Users,

Many of us are once again faced with difficult working conditions as various actions are being taken to curb the spread of COVID-19. Should you or your organization require an additional eCognition software license to support temporary home office setups, you can use the following code to activate one free copy of eCognition Developer. This copy will be valid through the end of November 2020 and allows you to continue working with eCognition regardless of where you may be.


To use this license, please do the following:

  1. Download the eCognition License Server and eCognition Developer from our website.
  2. Install the eCognition License Server and enter the license code when prompted for the Entitlement ID.
  3. Install the eCognition Developer software.

We also encourage you to have a look at our wide range of online training resources:

  • Visit the eCognition Blog where we regularly share customer stories, learning opportunities and other news.
  • Want to jump into the deep end of the pool? Then eCognition Deconstructed is just the place to do it. These videos will give you all the information you ever wanted to know about individual algorithms.
  • Get caught up on various aspects of eCognition use through our eCognition webinar series. All recordings are available on eCognition tv. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a beat!
  • Access eCognition Tutorials to learn about rule set development at your own pace

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    Trimble Support

    If you would like to work with the latest & greatest version of eCognition from home, please user the following WRK code to activate a license of eCognition 10:


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