Dear Boffins

Is there a way to get the extent (e.g. MinX, MinY, MaxX, MaxY) of the active frame? It is easy to get the extent of the selected object, but I can't find a feature to find the frame's extent.

Or alternatively, define a region based on the extent of the active frame? 

Thanks in advance,




  • Christian Weise

    Hello Adriaan,

    I believe you mean the extent of a frames from a time series data set … it should be the same as for a map and you can use the scene-related features “Map size X” and “Map size Y” to compute extent information (i.e. area). If not, please le me know what kind of frame do you mean.


  • Adriaan van Niekerk

    Hi Christain, no I mean the frame in the GUI. So the area that is visible to the user at any given zoom level. My understanding is that Map size Y provides the extent of the entire scene and not only the area that is visible.

  • Christian Weise

    Wonderful, I thought it was about something completely different. 😊

    You are right, the visible extend of a View in eCognition is not available as a (scene) feature. You can just visually check the View coordinates in the lower left part of the eCognition GUI (using the mouse cursor):

    I would say, this is a feature request.

  • Adriaan van Niekerk

    Hi Christian, yes this feature would be very useful. The use case is that I am working on DSM to DTM conversion (DSM is from photogrammetry, not LiDAR) and want to zoom to a certain area, manually reclassify surface objects (e.g. buildings) that were incorrectly classified as ground, then I want to set up a region that is the size of the area that I am looking at and run a range of processing-intensive processes (e.g. segmentation and layer arithmetics that removes the surface objects) within that region only. Then I want to inspect the result and only when I am happy save the result to the scene. That way I do not have to run the processing-intensive rules for the intire scene every time I want to interactively visualize the impact of reclassifying my objects. Unless there is a other/better way of doing this?

  • Keith Peterson

    Hi Adriaan - I have added to our feature request list! We should get to it in the next release phase.

    All the best, Keith

  • briyan kelly

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information. All the best

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