• Trimble Support

    Can you explain this in more detail? As a user, you can zoom in by a defined zoom level, with in/out tools and by a user defined zoom box.

  • Julius Knopp

    I am usually working with datasets with a big spatial extent. So my way of starting is by selecting a subset via File > Modify open project > Subset selection. Within the subset selection window, i would like to have zoom function to choose a specific subset of my data more accurately

  • Trimble Support

    Thanks for the clarification. In this case you should try working with Workspaces and creating your subset projects within the Workspace. The tools for subset creation are much stronger here as you can select your layer mixing, display any helpful vector layers etc. You can select a subset area and then save it to a new project within the Workspace. This will not effect the original input file.

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