Hi everyone!

I am doing some research in the CNN classification and I keep running in the same problem. 

I have a DOF layer split into r-g-b (layer 1,2,3) and defined square samples, each being 10m wide and tall. 

I do thematic layer-based classification to generate objects which I then used to generate samples. 

I manage to create CNN (2 dimensional,  but when I try to train it, it crashes eCognition every time. Any idea why? (images with settings are attached)

Edit: I have added the last image I got when it crashed again and the info on the CPU model and RAM. 



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  • Matthias Staengel

    Hi Ivan,

    Sorry for the caused inconvenience. This is a bug which we already fixed. If you keep on having these issues please contact support, they will help you getting you up and running again.


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