I often use eCognition in geomorphometry. The watershed segmentation algorithm is great for that, but something that I really would like to see is flow accumulation. Currently, I generate flow accumulation in a GIS and then bring it in as a layer, but often I need to run flow accumulation on a dataset that was modified in eCognition. For instance, after identifying water bodies (using imagery) in eCognition and then flattening them in the DEM, I would like to run flow accumulation. It is a hassle to export the modified DEM, run flow accumulation in a GIS, and then bringing it back into eCognition. Also, it makes automation/operationalization of such workflows impossible. Flow accumulation is useful for a range of things, including stream/wetland mapping (i.e. combining it with land cover mapping), DSM2DTM conversion, and height above river drainage (flood risk) calculations. 


  • Keith Peterson

    Hi Adriaan! Thanks for the suggestion. We will add this to our feature request list and see what we can do. I have a number of geomorphologic/surface calculation like requests (also including your hillshade request here) and ideas that could make for a nice focus in the future!

  • Adriaan van Niekerk

    Sounds good Keith. Segmenting DEMs is the foundation for discrete geomorphology (yes, it is a thing!), and geomorphology is used in digital soil mapping (soil-landscape modelling), so there is defnitely a use case for it. :-)

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